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Trani is one of the three chief towns of the new BAT province set up on 2004, with Andria and Barletta. It stands on a plain territory and it overlooks on the Adriatic Sea where it’s placed its port, one of the most appreciate for sailing activities. Fishing and agriculture are the most important activities. In the alleyways of the old town there is the whole historical and cultural heritage, two synagogues and lots of monuments whose important ones are the Cathedral and the Frederick II Castle, very attractive because both are immediately close to the sea. Furthermore Trani is a very important legal center and a vivid nightlife district.


According to the legend , Trani was founded by Tirreno, a mythological figure. According to the history the town probably dates back to the prehistory, but there are reliable proofs that it was founded by Romans in III century and that was called “Trana” or “Tranae” that means basin for fishing, referring to its port. After the Roman Empire collapse it was under Byzantines and during the middle age it became very important thanks to its port. In 1063 the Count of Trani wrote the Maritime Statues, one of the most ancient maritime codes. Its best moment took place with Frederick II and in 1586 it became chief city of Bari’s land. After a period of decline with Anjous and Aragones it perked up with Bourbons. Nowadays is a very vivid commercial and cultural centre and it’s part of “Slow city”, the International Network of Good Living Cities. 


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