Originally a church built by a sea captain in thanks for his survival in a storm, the amazing edifice which now houses our restaurant developed over time into a fortress designed to protect the port from invasion.

The building itself probably dates from the twelfth century and was shaped as a church with three naves bounded by four columns and four pilasters.

A document from the Angevin period of 13 June 1269, found in the "Red Book of the City of Trani" (Universitatis Tranensis Liber Rubeus), refers to the reconstruction of the pier and the church of St Antuono both of which were facing ruin. However, a contemporary source noted that in 1478 the church was desecrated and used as a construction site and dry dock.

In 1541 the Viceroy Pietro De Toledo, to defend the port, began the reconstruction of the arch of St Antuono and the "fort" which surrounds it. Thus the fort eventually subsumed the church of St Antuono.

We hear again of the fort in 1750 when it is referred to by a local historian Domenico Manfredi. A description of the port and the fortifications also appears in the ancient maritime law of the City of Trani by Guiseppe Beltrani, published in 1873. After this we hear nothing of the port for over 100 years until our recent renovation returned it to its former glory.

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